The Determinants of Health

Our health is determined by many things.  It can be affected by how much sun we are exposed to (Vitamin D), by the food we eat (too much sugar), by our relationships (too much stress), by the toxins in our environment (too much strain on the liver), etc.  Those are just a few examples.  As a Naturopath I focus on all of the determinants of health. In our work together we will look at all areas of your health.  When appropriate, I’ll recommend changes to your nutrition and exercise, nutritional and herbal supplementation and possibly even give you specific homework such as plan a vacation, take a walk or paint your future on canvas.  Everything in our lives can impact our health so we’ll look at everything and create a roadmap that puts it all into balance to ensure your health is as optimized as possible.

The Basics

We’ll spend most of the first visit focused on your health history.  We’ll also be sure to cover the basics such as nutrition, digestion sleep, hydration, and “Vitamin F” – Fun!.  Without a balance in the basics, achieving your health goals is virtually impossible.  We’ll look at what you’re eating and probably modify it a bit.  We’ll focus on sleep because 4 hours a night isn’t enough, even if you think it is.  If you’re not having fun, which decreases your stress hormone cortisol, decreasing any anxiety is virtually impossible.  Your roadmap to help may contain specific nuritions, herbs and exercises to help restore balance to these basic determinants.


Life is tough to do alone.  We all need support; from friends, family, significant others and even our spiritual beliefs.  There are many ways to feel supported in life.  It’s much easier to live with a sense of support than to live feeling the anxiety of being alone.  We’ll check in just to be sure you’ve got the support structures and empowering belief systems in place to enable success on your road to health.

Health History

Our past health/illness and the care we received are significant indicators of future health.  If the cause of the prior illnesses were not corrected, it becomes more critical that they be addressed to ensure better health in the future.  Access to quality healthcare is vital to ensure the appropriate early intervention in disease processes and adjustments to those things which determine our health.